opportunity, ceo, your life, plansCreating opportunity is a phrase that I believe in whole heartedly. I was having a conversation with a colleague about my last post Mental Fortitude “True Grit” when it suddenly became a debate. We were debating whether or not billionaires got lucky in life or if they built it with grit. In my research talking with folks that aren’t billionaires but have a lot of money, they felt it was a combination of dumb luck and opportunity. So, I got to thinking maybe the successful people are not lucky at all but rather create opportunity. They put themselves in the right places to capitalize on opportunity when it arises. But what does that mean exactly…

Five to Ten Year Plans

Well in my opinion, it means that the successful people don’t think short term and actually think 5-10 years from now. Short term success is important but you have to be a chess player by anticipating what others will do and planning accordingly. Long term success attributes to working your plan and persevering through the tough times. Usually, long term success is what millionaires are looking for because they can grow their wealth over a longer period of time. Immediate gratification isn’t even in their vocabulary because they have already planned their next move.

“The more I practice, the luckier I get” – Gary Player

I learned this concept at a young age through golf. Gary Player said, “The more I practice, the luckier I get”. This is a great metaphor for what we are discussing. The more you plan and prepare for something the luckier you will be. This is simply because you will know your topic inside and out. You are now creating your own luck instead of sitting back and waiting for something to happen, and I strongly advise you to not sit back and wait. Opportunity may come in time, but why not go out there and create it from nothing? No one is stopping you from achieving success. You are the CEO of your life so take the long term strategy and watch out for new opportunities.

Be Different. Be Fearless. Be CEO.


why true grit creates success
Why do only certain people succeed while others don’t? Is it because they got lucky? Is it because they came from money? Or is it something else?

I think all of these questions play a role in someone’s success. I was listening to a podcast the other day that was discussing how our society thinks of this term “success.” They had people defining it by saying the obvious “Success is a term that you define yourself it isn’t monetary.” Blah, blah, blah – but then they had a researcher who has studied and published papers on people who have reached success and what makes them different. People of all kinds billionaires of tech companies, managers of hospitals, political figures, and a couple of others. They all had one thing in common… grit. I like to define grit as mental fortitude because it basically comes down to the idea that you can with stand anything that comes at you.

True Grit + Mental Fortitude

The researcher concluded a couple of things but one stuck out because I run into it almost on a DAILY basis and that is true grit. In every case the super successful had a commonality where they each told a story about how people thought they were crazy or their ideas made no sense and would never be successful. They build walls within their minds that aloud them to persevere through all the low points in life.

For me, almost every day someone tells me I can’t do something in which I say, “Watch me.” These people will never go away and too often they are the closest ones to you. They will try and poke holes and create doubt, but understand with every innovation comes doubt. We as entrepreneurs are thinking in ways the average person cannot comprehend because they have accepted the way the world works and choose not to question it. We question everything.

Surrounding Yourself With Others

Building mental fortitude takes effort and often times leads to surrounding yourself with new people. Don’t be afraid to take a leap on yourself even if people around you think its crazy. Those sometimes are the best ideas! And if that’s the case please call me so we can make a pile of cash! Stay tune for my next post where I talk about creating your own opportunity. Is opportunity just dumb luck? Or can you create it?

Be Different. Be Unafraid. Be You.

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