Some of you may know, I am fortunate enough to be able to work from home most of the time. However, working from home isn’t always as interactive and social, so I try and get out by visiting local coffee shops. There are so many local spots in Reno! It is a little out of control, and I don’t have time to cover all of them so I am sorry if I missed your favorite spot. But I’d love to try it out, so be sure to comment below! I spent the last couple weeks sitting in different places to see which ones I enjoyed most and wanted to put together a Reno Local Coffee Shop Guide with our current favorites – mainly mine, because let’s be real, Leanna just loves her lattes.

Hub on Riverside

I enjoyed the Hub! It was a nice environment to sit in and the design is very appealing. I found myself sitting there for multiple hours in the tea area reading articles and sending emails. It was pleasant and the staff was really great!

Coffee was delicious as usual, and the way they roast their beans is delicious. It’s a bold cup of coffee. I highly recommend it. I will say the food section at Hub is a bit pricey, but if you are already there, it makes sense since there really isn’t anything else around. Leanna is currently loving their new location at the Reno Town Mall. The vibe is a little different in terms of area, but everyone is always so welcoming there.

best coffeeshops in reno

Nameless Coffee and Tea House

They just rebranded! You know this place as Blue Whale Coffee on Cheney Street across from Pinion and Noble Pie Parlor. The owner is one of the nicest guys I have met and usually the one making your coffee. This location used to be a Hub but since changed to Blue Whale and now Nameless Coffee. 

Leanna isn’t a huge coffee person – let’s just say she likes coffee with her cream (but she’s getting there!) and she loves taking some time to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate or a mocha because of the intimate atmosphere at Nameless Coffee. 

It is a smaller place, but the quaintness itself is inviting. They do have an outdoor space that is perfect for summer, spring, and fall. I find myself going in anytime I am in midtown getting my hair cut by the wonderful Courtney at Lokal Salon! (shameless plug for the best cut I have had in Reno that’s actually affordable!).


Situated closest to where we live, making me a little bias since I am there every day. The atmosphere is what I look for when I need to get work done. The staff is amazing and very inviting, but I will be honest, it’s hard to snag a solid table. My brain works best in controlled chaos and I think the hustle and bustle of this place coupled with the great staff lands it as my favorite spot to work.

To be a coffee snob, I will admit their coffee isn’t as good as the Hub because I think it is not as bold. I usually order an extra shot in my cappuccino.  

Other Coffee Spots I Like or Want to Try

  • Old World Coffee – probably my favorite coffee in terms of taste
  • DST Coffee – if only Gardnerville was closer!
  • Homage
  • Swill Coffee – I mainly go here for 1 Million Cups
  • Purple Bean – Leanna loved this place in college
  • Magpie Coffee Roasters

If you have a favorite local spot around town, comment below so we can try it!   

best coffeeshops in reno

I was asked the other day, what are three qualities or three key factors that attribute to success in life. This is coming from a candidate for Attorney General here in Nevada. Pressure was on! I believe there is a recipe for success and every successful person has these three qualities.

Quality I: Grit

As noted in my recent post, True Grit is one of the most fundamental qualities to success because it is the driving force of life. I define grit as the unwavering ability to keep persevering to reach your goals no matter the obstacles put in your path. It is the feeling inside that pushes you out of bed in the morning, makes you go to the gym, and makes you work late. Grit can’t be taught, it is built into the personality of successful people. I would argue, passion breeds grit simply because if you’re passionate enough about something you will find a way to build that business or become the best version of yourself.

Quality II: Goals

Goals, goals, and more goals is the secret to staying on the path. I use the acronym S.M.A.R.T.  when I am setting a new goal: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time Frame. Specificity is important when you are creating a goal because vagueness breeds laziness. I know this from experience. The more vague I make a goal, the more I struggle to achieve it because it’s either too big or I don’t have a clear pathway for success. The remedy for this is having a goal that you can measure. It could be anything! Lifting heavier weights, running longer, making more cold calls, having more pop-ups around town to grow your brand, or posting more on social media. These are all things that you can have a specific number in mind that you can attain over time which makes it ACHIEVABLE.

Achievable goals are like mini victories on your path to success. As you make weekly goals and achieve them, you start to gain confidence and confidence breeds results. Be sure to make each goal realistic. My biggest issue when working with clients is when they have unrealistic goals. If you want to gain confidence in yourself and business, the best thing to do is set goals that are within your power. Lastly, have a time frame to achieve each goal. It is easy to push it off when a goal is too big and the time frame is too long. Make them quick turn arounds to keep you focused. Be S.M.A.R.T. about your life and business.

Quality III: Sell Yourself

Being able to sell yourself and hustle your way through the beginning phases of your business is key to forming relationships and converting them into clients. Hustling tends to get a bad rap but the most successful people I have met, know how to hustle their business. One tip I utilize that has helped me sell myself is practicing your pitch. You will need to pitch yourself to clients and the only way to sound confident and trustworthy is to be flawless in your pitch. Practice exactly what you want to say. Write it down somewhere you will see it everyday. I promise, the more confident your pitch is for yourself, the easier it will be to build relationships.

People want to be around confidence and it is contagious. Your pitch needs to be personable. People want to connect naturally so don’t scare them away with jargon! Selling yourself is not about converting sales. Let me repeat that, selling yourself is not about converting sales. It is about relationships. Building and maintaining a profitable relationship starts when a person believes your passion and believes you are who you say you are. You want people to feel your confidence when you talk.

These three qualities are more than just tips and tricks to success, they are ways to live your life. I don’t care whether you are building a business or trying to lose weight, these are ways to be a be the best version of yourself and live a more meaningful of life.

            ~ “No one finds life worth living; he must make it worth living”

                                                                        ~Unknown Author   

Why do people follow others?

Why is leadership important in everyday life? What makes a great leader and what makes a terrible leader? Also, why do people follow corrupt or toxic leaders? These questions seem to come up more often than not because of the current political climate. We see groups of people with real hatred toward politicians today, yet some keep getting elected. Social Scientists speculate that the real problem is the “Romance of Leadership” (Jim Meindl, Social Scientist and Psychologist). We put our leaders on a pedestal because we believe they are special in some way. We will willingly tolerate bad behavior because socially we believe that our leaders have our best interest at heart. I don’t believe that for a second.

The Best Type of Leader

A good leader is constantly learning from his or her followers because they understand they don’t know everything. A good leader encourages constant questioning and understands, often times, things cannot be done by a single person. The best leaders I have talked with all say this, “I surround myself with people that are motivated and have opinions.” The era of being a micromanager in your business is over. I see all the time when business owners run their operations like a dictatorship, it is impossible to hire talented people. Talented people will find better jobs if the opportunity presents itself because good companies know how to cultivate and keep talent. Times have changed and it is important to evolve your business.  

To be a good leader you must have these qualities according to leadership expert Warren Bennis: social intelligence, a zest for change, and above all, a vision that allows others to set their sights on the things that truly merit attention. The job of a leader is to develop a vision, set direction, and inspire others – simple as that. A good CEO also gets on the front line with key employees. Creating a vision is great, but a leader that will not get dirty with employees is not going to be respected. It’s easy to order people around and say I pay you for the job, blah blah, but I have seen managers fail once employee respect is gone and sometimes there is no turning back. I worked for a gentleman that did this exact thing. Always gone and never actually working. The whole team was constantly looking for new jobs to apply for and never wanted to be in the office! There was no culture and you know what happened? Everyone left. The company doesn’t exist anymore.

How to Grow

LISTEN TO YOUR EMPLOYEES. If you believe that you have hired the right people then allow them to take your company to the next level. Fuel the ambitious young person you hired and watch the creativity flow. 

Create a clear vision for your company. Where do you want to be in 6 months? A year? Five years? Communicate this vision with your team and allow some level of criticism. Healthy, constructive feedback is the only way you are going to learn and grow your ideas. 

Lastly, believe in yourself. The more you believe in your vision the more your team will be excited about coming to work. Passion is intoxicating to be around.

What qualities do you want to see in a leader?

opportunity, ceo, your life, plansCreating opportunity is a phrase that I believe in whole heartedly. I was having a conversation with a colleague about my last post Mental Fortitude “True Grit” when it suddenly became a debate. We were debating whether or not billionaires got lucky in life or if they built it with grit. In my research talking with folks that aren’t billionaires but have a lot of money, they felt it was a combination of dumb luck and opportunity. So, I got to thinking maybe the successful people are not lucky at all but rather create opportunity. They put themselves in the right places to capitalize on opportunity when it arises. But what does that mean exactly…

Five to Ten Year Plans

Well in my opinion, it means that the successful people don’t think short term and actually think 5-10 years from now. Short term success is important but you have to be a chess player by anticipating what others will do and planning accordingly. Long term success attributes to working your plan and persevering through the tough times. Usually, long term success is what millionaires are looking for because they can grow their wealth over a longer period of time. Immediate gratification isn’t even in their vocabulary because they have already planned their next move.

“The more I practice, the luckier I get” – Gary Player

I learned this concept at a young age through golf. Gary Player said, “The more I practice, the luckier I get”. This is a great metaphor for what we are discussing. The more you plan and prepare for something the luckier you will be. This is simply because you will know your topic inside and out. You are now creating your own luck instead of sitting back and waiting for something to happen, and I strongly advise you to not sit back and wait. Opportunity may come in time, but why not go out there and create it from nothing? No one is stopping you from achieving success. You are the CEO of your life so take the long term strategy and watch out for new opportunities.

Be Different. Be Fearless. Be CEO.


why true grit creates success
Why do only certain people succeed while others don’t? Is it because they got lucky? Is it because they came from money? Or is it something else?

I think all of these questions play a role in someone’s success. I was listening to a podcast the other day that was discussing how our society thinks of this term “success.” They had people defining it by saying the obvious “Success is a term that you define yourself it isn’t monetary.” Blah, blah, blah – but then they had a researcher who has studied and published papers on people who have reached success and what makes them different. People of all kinds billionaires of tech companies, managers of hospitals, political figures, and a couple of others. They all had one thing in common… grit. I like to define grit as mental fortitude because it basically comes down to the idea that you can with stand anything that comes at you.

True Grit + Mental Fortitude

The researcher concluded a couple of things but one stuck out because I run into it almost on a DAILY basis and that is true grit. In every case the super successful had a commonality where they each told a story about how people thought they were crazy or their ideas made no sense and would never be successful. They build walls within their minds that aloud them to persevere through all the low points in life.

For me, almost every day someone tells me I can’t do something in which I say, “Watch me.” These people will never go away and too often they are the closest ones to you. They will try and poke holes and create doubt, but understand with every innovation comes doubt. We as entrepreneurs are thinking in ways the average person cannot comprehend because they have accepted the way the world works and choose not to question it. We question everything.

Surrounding Yourself With Others

Building mental fortitude takes effort and often times leads to surrounding yourself with new people. Don’t be afraid to take a leap on yourself even if people around you think its crazy. Those sometimes are the best ideas! And if that’s the case please call me so we can make a pile of cash! Stay tune for my next post where I talk about creating your own opportunity. Is opportunity just dumb luck? Or can you create it?

Be Different. Be Unafraid. Be You.

Join me on the pursuit of happiness