visual-appealEach day, I look at life and think,”What do I need to do today to move forward?”. In my businesses-life-family-etc. I make my to-do list if its not already listed out in my daily planner and then I sit their and debate. 

Alright, which task should I do first? Do I prioritize? Do I get the easy ones out of the way? Should I just wing it? It kind of depends on how I am feeling that day. I’ve realized over the years though, that I cannot function without said lists whether they are written in my planner, on sticky notes, on my phone, or even in a text to Kit. I just need that visual. 

the visual appeal

There is something about visuals that are so darn attractive. Color coordination, sticky notes, and beautiful lines striking through tasks that I’ve completed [Take a Shower – CHECK]. My favorite ways to organize LIFE comes in many, many forms, all with a dash of Organization and lots of Colors.


Every week or each day make a list. What do you need to complete today? This week? Due Dates, work schedules, appointments. WRITE IT DOWN. I love my monthly and daily planner that allows me to see everything I need to complete for day, week, month, and even year! 

Easily forget to eat lunch or shower while you hustle? Add it to your list!

color coordination

Every other Tuesday, I have the same appointment, so I make it stand out with a specific COLOR! It registers in my mind as a specific task so I don’t even need to read the entire thing to know what upcoming event I have. Stuck with your black, red, and blue pens? Mix it up and brighten up your visuals with my favorite gel pens or felt-tip pens!

post-it notes

Have a list minute item to add to your to-do or need something to stick out so you remember, grab a sticky! If you have a Target near you, their Bullseye’s Playground (previously The One Spot at the front of the store) has super cute post its that you can score for $1-$3! I literally have these plastered all over my office and planner. Or if you grab my planner, it comes with some sticky notes and blank stickers! 

cross it off

The most satisfying part of my day, crossing off an item! Sometimes the smallest efforts make the biggest difference and who doesn’t like to see their accomplishments right in front of them! I stick with a plain Black or Blue Pen so that it isn’t conflicted with my other markings.

How do you give visual appeal to your day? Do you have a planner you LOVE?


Leanna-Ranieri-Blog-Southern-Boho-Bridal-PhotosThe last few months have been a whirlwind, that not many are aware of. It’s been a mixture of risks, successes, mistakes, learning, meeting people, and a few “I told you so’s”. None of it was planned and I think most of it wasn’t necessarily expected, but it all happened. 

Honestly, I think it was for the best. It was part of the reason why I haven’t blogged in a while. I needed to take some time for me, to figure out what I really wanted to do. I did not want to half-a$$ some posts on here just to have them, because let’s be real, our relationship is one based on authenticity—and who am I to portray this picture perfect life, when the reality is that everyone struggles in some form.


Even those famous bloggers you see all over Instagram (some who I adore!). Their blogs are beautiful, their feeds are cohesive, but deep down, they all have something they aren’t sharing with the world. Some things are just too personal and I totally get that. I have those “things” too. But I am also here to share raw parts of my life, some of the ups and downs that I know other people go through.

I know that if I open up a bit to share these #UntoldRawMoments, I will reach someone out there who is going through the same thing or something similar. Sometimes, you just need to lay it out there instead of keeping it bottled up. It’s time to get back to our roots, let’s showcase the True You with our #UntoldRawMoments. 

Life is a roller coaster, babes. Everyone started from somewhere. I’m ready to open up, are you? Let’s do this together. 

xo, L

Photography // Dress sold out (similar here & here) // Hair & Makeup // Floral 

img_2773img_2826 img_2876 img_2650Less than 10 days left of summer and all I can think about is how I will be missing sunny days, shorts, and off-the-shoulder shirts. But that’s not stopping me from rocking them for as long as I can! Plus, they make long sleeve off-the-shoulders, right? 

The last few weeks have been crazy… we moved, I got promoted at my job, still side-hustling my biz (the best job ever!), plus loving on some new small businesses, like always! Did anyone get their sugar fix from the The Baked Bear yet?

On a different note, the past couple of weeks, I have been collaborating with a local photographer and friend, Ashlyn Savannah Photography. She is so sweet and so fun to work with, plus who doesn’t love a little dirt in between your toes as your trek to take the perfect photo? I love these photos she got of my new found love of Stampede Jewelry Co. too. The cuffs are customized and pair well with any outfit! I think I might buy the entire shop because you can never have enough customization. I seriously am obsessed with them!

Keep scrolling, outfit details below!

img_2862 img_2785-bw img_2855 img_2833img_2712 img_2876img_2810

Top – Forever21 / Skirt – Hollister (sold out, similar here & here) / Shoes – Dolce Vita (sold out, similar here & here) / Cuffs – Stampede Jewelry Co. / Lip Liner – Mac (Soar) / Stool – Target / Wall Hanging – Sisterhouse Collective

Aren’t the cuffs so adorable? All of Ashlyn’s photos were so great, I couldn’t choose just one, so I added most of them since everything looks fab! Plus, it’s the end of summer, so I need to make use of these summer styled shoots while I can, woo!

How are you soaking in the last days of summer?

Today’s the day! Who’s up for FREE Ice Cream Sandwiches? The Baked Bear opens up its doors to the Reno/Sparks community and from 1-3, you can snag FREE Ice Cream Sandwiches as long as your in line by 3, sweet!

Last night, I had the opportunity to go to The Baked Bear for their pre-opening to meet the owners and to taste their yummy ice cream sandwiches, it was divine.

TheBakedBearRenoSparks (3)
One of the owners, Justin took some time to chat with us about The Baked Bear and what it brings to the Reno/Sparks community.

  • What made you decide to bring The Baked Bear to the Reno/Sparks community?
    It’s a unique concept that Reno doesn’t have. I try to find businesses that make people happy. Nothing beats ice cream and cookies together. The combination of those two seemed like the best best!
  • What’s the most exciting aspect of starting a small business?
    Seeing if the concept works, the research and background put into it to see if its the real deal.
  • What makes The Baked Bear stand out?
    Baked from scratch daily.
    13 Crafted Ice Creams, no one else can get.
  • What is your favorite sandwich combo?
    1 brownie, 1 scoop of bear batter, and hot fudge. [YUM!]

TheBakedBear-4 TheBakedBearRenoSparksTheBakedBearRenoSparks (1) TheBakedBear-14

Cookies baked from scratch daily? 13 handcrafted ice creams? You could say it was a sugar rush for all of us. The two ice cream sandwiches pictured above are two chocolate chip cookies with cookie dough ice cream + brownie bit toppings & two brownies with cookie dough ice cream. Oh did I mention you can get an ice cream sandwich made with donuts? YES. OH YES, you donut lovers. Be sure to stop by today to grab your free sandwich

xo, L

WestElmReno_LRBlog10Who’s had a chance to stop by West Elm Reno? It is absolutely aweee worthy! If you are like me and LOVE interiors + decor, this is the place to let your heart eyes run free! It is so exciting to have such a well-known store set some roots in The Biggest Little City–and boy, did they do it right! With a bunch of local details and designs, West Elm Reno sure hit it off in Reno. I have a few snaps I wanted to share including some of my FAVORITE pieces! I love the historical aspect that was kept, plus there are still some old post office mailboxes that made my heart skip a bit! If you haven’t stopped by, be sure to check it out, lounge on a couch or two, and enjoy the historical post office that has been transformed. Be sure to scroll all the way down, to see how you can snag a discount!

WestElmReno_LRBlog3 WestElmReno_LRBlog8 WestElmReno_LRBlog9 WestElmReno_LRBlog11WestElmReno_LRBlog7 WestElmReno_LRBlog4EEEKK! Who doesn’t love a good discount? I am ALL about those deals & savings and if you are a student or teacher, snag 15% off your purchases YEAR ROUND, sweet! Be sure to hashtag #MyWestElm and tag me @leannaalways in your West Elm finds! Thank you West Elm for welcoming me with open arms and planting your rad roots here!

xo, L